Solomon Burke – Solomon Burke

ARTIST: Solomon Burke burke
TITLE: Solomon Burke
SINGLES: Most were singles – none charted
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: This is really early stuff, so unless you just love early soul, no.
LINEUP: Solomon Burke and the anonymous session people.
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Burke’s old record company releases his old sides in an album form after his first couple of Atlantic hits.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Burke’s first few albums are technically ‘compilations’, since Apollo and then Atlantic were concentrating on the R&B and soul singles market (logically). Apollo pressed up 12 of his best songs and threw this out there in the marketplace to beat Atlantic (his current company) to the punch.

Burke shines through the material and backing. Unfortunate sax solos, white bread backing vocals and generic arrangements plague the material. Also, it sounds like the stream is from a vinyl copy – which is fine but it’s got limitations too.

Early in his career, it was known Burke had talent. It took Atlantic to first harness it.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: He released songs on four or five record companies before striking it at Atlantic. He came and left Apollo twice in three years.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: Every master recording (16 songs) he recorded for Apollo is available..

GRADE: C: This grade is for the material and arrangements. Not for Burke himself. I’m not an early R&B completist so this is out.


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