The Style Council – Introducing the Style Council

ARTIST: The Style Council Introducing-The-Style-Council-Cover
TITLE: Introducing the Style Council
CHART ACTION: #172 (not released in the UK!)
SINGLES: Speak Like a Child (#4 UK), Money Go Round (#11 UK), Long Hot Summer / Paris Match (#3 UK)
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: No – this was a brief collection of their first three UK singles.
LINEUP: Paul Weller, Mick Talbot, Steve White, Tracie Young.
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Former Jam frontman picks up a former Midnight Runner, and veers from mod soul to full-on soul, funk and synth-driven R&B.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: If you were listening closely to the Gift, and the B-sides of the singles and EPs at the very end of the Jam’s career, you may not have been surprised by Paul Weller’s move to an almost pure R&B direction. What still was surprising was the fact that the Style Council was keyboard and bass driven, not driven by Weller’s guitar.

This mini-album collected seven tracks – the first three UK singles and one remix – and gave the rest of the world outside the UK a taste of what the Style Council had to offer. It does seem a bit thin, again with one track being a remix and another an instrumental. The quality of the singles is decent, but there are no classics or must-haves as there would be later.

I definitely think there’s a time and place for this, though. It does make you move at times.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: As noted, this was not released in the UK. (I guess they thought the singles were enough in 1983), but the Dutch version was brought over as an import and sold well.


GRADE: B: It’s short, and there’s not a lot of meat to it, but it is a solid album and one to have if you like the English dance-funk of the 80’s.

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