The Yardbirds – For Your Love

ARTIST: The Yardbirds The_Yardbirds_-_For_Your_Love
TITLE: For Your Love
SINGLES: I Wish You Would, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (#44 UK), For Your Love (#6 US, #3 UK)
LINEUP: Keith Relf, Chris Dreja, Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarty, Eric Clapton on nine tracks, Jeff Beck on three.
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: US record company takes advantage of great single, and arranges a US only album to coincide with a tour despite the fact Eric Clapton had left the band earlier in the year.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: This is the bad thing about mid-60’s albums from British bands – they’re a mess in sequencing and continuity. Some of these tracks date back to early 1964. But Epic needed product because of “For Your Love”, and well, product is what they got.

“For Your Love” is a tremendous single and a great relic of the British invasion. Yeah, Clapton didn’t like it – he’s was a purist then you know – but it’s a hell of a record. About half of the cuts are decent covers of blues songs. There’s only one original from the band and it’s OK. Songwriting wasn’t their strength yet.

But some of the tracks aren’t great, and their cover of “My Girl Sloopy” just sits there and goes on way too long doing nothing really.

Product, man, product.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Graham Gouldman wrote “For Your Love”, and later was in 10cc. I guess the relationship didn’t quite work out, because he later co-wrote “I’m Not in Love” for 10cc. (Hah, just kidding about the relationship part).

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: No – I had to put this together myself.

GRADE: C+: Half of this is good, but there’s no flow or continuity. Find the good stuff on compilations!

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