Buzzcocks – Another Music in a Different Kitchen

ARTIST: Buzzcocks 220px-Buzzcocks_-_Another_Music_In_A_Different_Kitchen_album_cover
TITLE: Another Music in a Different Kitchen
SINGLES: I Don’t Mind (#55 UK), Moving Away from the Pulsebeat
LINEUP: Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, Steve Garvey, John Maher
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: After their landmark EP and a couple of singles, a revamped Buzzcocks lineup releases a classic album.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Two guitars, a bass and a drum kit – that’s all you really need for rock and roll. Punk rock put that basic lineup back into focus, and the Buzzcocks proved you can create wonderful songs and sounds with those basic building blocks.

Maher’s drums provide a solid backbeat. Garvey’s bass is both anchoring and expressive. Diggle and Shelley crank through basic guitar riffs with Shelley’s infrequent solos adding tension and drama. Shelley’s voice is perfect for the songs as well, no matter if they’re Diggle’s, or ones leftover from the Howard Devoto era.

Over here in the States, we were still in the disco era with some new wave kids being hip to the new sounds. We missed albums like this – but it’s not too late to enjoy them now.

The only complaint is some of the sequencing is odd. Case in point “Fiction Romance”
and “Autonomy” are back to back, and they feature the same basic guitar pattern and riff. In fact you may think “Autonomy” is a continuation of the former.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: The album title was based on an art piece from Linder Sterling. Also, a pre-album single B side (“Oh, Shit”) was the subject of a job action by a pressing plant because the workers thought it obscene. Maybe that was the reason the great single “What Do I Get?” only hit #37.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: Yes, it contains some great singles (“Orgasm Addict” and “What Do I Get”), John Peel sessions, live cuts and demos.

GRADE: A: So close to a perfect record, but sequencing does it in on Side 2. Still, a must have or hear or whatever, especially the deluxe version’s singles (and B-sides)

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