Bob Dylan – Another Side of Bob Dylan

ARTIST: Bob Dylan Bob_Dylan_-_Another_Side_of_Bob_Dylan
TITLE: Another Side of Bob Dylan
OTHER SONGS YOU MAY KNOW: Lots: All I Really Want to Do, Spanish Harlem Incident, Chimes of Freedom, My Back Pages, It Ain’t Me Babe
LINEUP: Bob Dylan
WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: Dylan changes direction, from pure protest to lots of personal songs. The humor is back too.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: It may have been JFK’s assassination, or that he was just weary of writing protest songs, and wanted his other material out there, but the change between albums three and four for Dylan were quite noticeable. Dylan said, “…there aren’t any finger-pointin’ songs” on this album. Yeah, that’s probably right

“Chimes of Freedom” definitely was a political song, but it moved on from abject concrete moralism into symbolic abstractions. Some political songs were clouded in humor, such as “Motorpsycho Nightmare”. “Spanish Harlem Incident” was just oblique.

Dylan also went to the personal – writing love songs with many of the same abstractions as his political songs. He also got the humor back into things with “Motorpsycho Nightmare” and “I Shall Be Free #10”

The title also had people thinking. Was this just a one-shot foray into other topics and then Dylan would be back into the protest game? Well….I think he answered that in “My Back Pages”.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: Even though “Chimes of Freedom” is quite memorable and one of his best loved early songs, he didn’t play it live for over 25 years.


GRADE: A: Because it’s lighter, and it has SO MANY timeless songs, this is a very enjoyable listen, and set everyone up for Dylan’s next phase.

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