Madonna – True Blue

ARTIST: Madonna                                                     true_blue_madonna

TITLE:  True Blue



SINGLES: Live to Tell (#1 US, # 2 UK), Papa Don’t Preach (#1 US, #4 Dance, #1 UK), Open Your Heart (#1 US, #1 Dance, #4 UK), La Isla Bonita (#4 US, #10 Dance, #1 UK)


LINEUP: Madonna, Bruce Gaitsch, Dann Huff, Paul Jackson, Jr., Patrick Leonard, Jonathan Moffett, John Putnam, David Williams, Fred Zarr and others

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: The album that cements Madonna as the premier pop artist of the 80’s.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Believe it or not, there was pressure on Madonna before True Blue was released. Was she just a flash in the pan that peaked with her last album or was she something more?

Definitely more.

While it sounds a bit dated (the synths and drums are a dead giveaway that it’s mid-to-late 80’s), the songs and performances are strong and endearing. She had the right message for her fans, could go from dance number to ballad without a stretch, and basically defined the sound of the music world in that time frame.

Nine tracks, and most all are great examples of pop music for the time. While it’s not quite packed A to Z with great tunes or ideas, it’s still a great accomplishment and one to listen to from beginning to end.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: She decided to not sing every song in a high pitched voice for this album, and the music was written to match that decision.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: A couple of remixes.

GRADE: A:  Yeah, it’s one to hear, to this day. “True Blue”, the song, is SUCH an earworm for me.

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