Tad – Salt Lick

ARTIST: Tad                saltlick

TITLE:  Salt Lick





LINEUP: Tad Doyle, Gary Thorstensen, Kurt Danielson, Steve Wied

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: An EP of mass destruction of your ears – heavy duty grunge.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: Hot on the heels of God’s Balls, Tad Doyle and crew cranked out an EP which built upon and expanded the hard, grungy sound of the group. I kid you not, this is heavy duty, resembling Tad’s stout frame.

The first side of the EP is absolutely vital for any student of this era (“Axe to Grind”, “High on the Hog”, and “Wood Goblins” – one of the best videos of the genre). The other side seems somewhat redundant, which was the problem with the band at the time. Heavy as they were, there weren’t any changeups here.

When this was released on CD later that year, Sub Pop added the single “Loser” – the rallying cry for Tad and the entire movement. Loser’s got nothing to lose.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: If you try to Google “Axe to Grind” to find the lyrics – you get Bastille and Sawyer Brown. Not the same song, not even in the same area code.

IS THERE A DELUXE VERSION: Well, when this came out on CD, they added seven of the 10 tracks from God’s Balls (why not make two separate CDs?) and didn’t add the B-side of “Loser”. With the new releases out now, they add that B-side, a great compilation single “Habit & Necessity” and a Black Flag cover.

GRADE: B+:  Four essential tracks. Not a bad percentage.

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