The Spinners – The Very Best of the Spinners, Vol. 2

ARTIST: The Spinners 

TITLE: The Very Best of the Spinners, Vol. 2

YEAR RELEASED: Compliation


SINGLES: Top 20:  Love or Leave (#36 US, #8 R&B), Wake Up Susan (#56 US, #11 R&B, #29 UK), You’re Throwing a Good Love Away (#43 US, #5 R&B), If You Wanna Do a Dance (#49 US, #17 R&B)


LINEUP: Henry Fambrough, Pervis Jackson, Billy Henderson, Bobby Smith. Most of the hits were with Philippe Wynne, and later hits with John Edwards. MFSB did the backing, and the Sigma Sweethearts did backing vocals too.

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT: A second collection from the Spinners in the Thom Bell area picks up the leftover hits and deeper cuts.

SOME WORDS, PHRASES AND CLAUSES ABOUT THIS RECORD: It could be expected that the Spinners’ second volume of hits would be a bit of a downslide from the greatness of their first collection. And yes, this isn’t as packed full of goodness as Volume 1.

But there’s still a lot to like and admire here. The vocals are spot on, and the arrangements by Thom Bell and MFSB are tight. Just listening to them will give you a groove. The Spinners had better deep cuts than most every other vocal group (especially the Stylistics and Four Tops) of the era and they showed their versatility.

While this isn’t a must have, nor will you play it every day, it’s still a good supplemental collection to have for your 70’s R&B needs.

NOTES & MINUTIAE: In the UK they still had to be listed as the Detroit Spinners due to a group over there that had the name.


 GRADE: B: Good collection of secondary tracks.

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