Hey, There Are Different Versions of the Same Record!

As you may know, for some artists there are significant differences between the US and UK version of albums (or even Australian, European, Asian, etc.). Basically, we were greedy bastards over here and could get away with 10 song albums. Also, in the UK they normally didn’t put the singles on the album – a practice that continued even into the 90’s. We didn’t care, so we plastered the singles on the records, re-ordered them, and then created new albums out of whole cloth.


How do I deal with them?

Case by case. For the most part, I’m using the album as it was released in the primary country of origin, and noting any variations or weirdness on the US side.

Some artists I will review both the US and UK (or whatever country) version if I can either find them or put them together in a playlist. Or, I will note what the grade would be for the US version. Basically, it’s whatever moves me and makes sense.

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